Dharma School

Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships.  Dharma School endeavors to meet the spiritual needs of Shin Buddhists through religious service and eduction classes.  To organize, supervise, and implement children's Buddhist education programs and youth activities at the temple, Oahu District and State Levels.

Dharma School Teachers:

Developing and promoting youth understanding of Shin Buddhism is vital in maintaining our Sangha (Community).  Children learn about the teachings of the Buddha by appropriate introduction to the Dharma.

Some topics covered are:

  • Buddhist holidays
  • The Eight Fold Path
  • Meanings behind Shin religious objects and practices

Established in 1912 by 40 students and Rev. Tokujo Tazuura

Activities: Baccalaureate Luncheon, Family Sunday service and activity (to honor mothers, fathers, and grandparents), Oahu District Dharma poster contest, State Dharma School Teacher's Convention, Federation of Dharma School Teachers' League Conference, Oahu District Songfest and outings.

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