New Year's Day (Shusho E)

“For followers of Shin Buddhism, the New Year’s Day service is significant because it offers that wonderful opportunity to express our deep gratitude for the countless blessings we enjoy.  Moreover, it enables us to realize the compassionate Heart of Amida Buddha which embraces us at all times.

Where we have failed, we must strive to correct and rededicate ourselves to the Way of the Nembutsu.”

-Rev. Norito Nagao taken from his article on New Year’s Day Service in Buddhist Special Observances & National Holidays

In a Nut Shell...

Date: January 1st (Shin Buddhists have adopted the western calendar)

Translation:   Shusho-E: Observe-new year-gathering.

Description:  Celebration of the beginning of a new year and an expression of gratitude for all the possibilities a new year offers. 

What does the temple do to celebrate? New Year’s Day service, visit family and friends, prepare dishes with mochi; place pine branches on doors.

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