Nirvana Day (Nehan E)

“Nirvana one of the major Buddhist holidays.  The Sanskrit term ‘Nirvana’ literally means ‘extinction, the extinction of the worldly illusions and passions.’  Wherever the extinction of illusions and passions is bing achieved, there will be a calm and peaceful Nirvana, but the term which applies to this particular day means the death of the Buddha Sakyamuni.

Since the Buddha had attained his Enlightenment on this earth, he was a living Buddha and his Buddhahood would never die, but as the Buddha appeared from Dharma (Truth) onto this earth in the form of man in order to save man, his manhood had been a subject of earthly restrictions.  He passed away at the age of 80 and entered into Mahaparinirvana or the absolute free state of Enlightenment...

The Buddha...shows us with his life a perfect pattern on how to believe in Dharma, how to live on earth, andhow to associate with man.  On this sacred day of Nirvana if we could look into ourselves honestly, take inventories of ourselves within our limited abilities and our own karmic restrictions and advance one step toward the ideal of human life, there would be achieved something which commemorates this day.”

- Rev. Arthur S. Yamabe, taken from his article on Nirvana Day in Buddhist Special Observances & National Holidays

In a Nut Shell...

Date: 15 February

Translation:  Nehan E: Nirvana Day.

Description:  Marks the death of Shakamuni Buddha and the day he attained complete Nirvana. 

What does the temple do to celebrate? Special Sunday Dharma talk.

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