Shinran Shonin Day (Shuso Gotan E)

“[Shinran Shonin] did not live a fortunate life filled with happy environmental conditions.  Both his parents were gone at an early age and he encountered many hardships throughout his life.  But his spiritual experiences with evolved under many trying conditions and in many places, have given the many followers of the Buddha’s Teaching an answer to the purpose of life in this world.

Shinran Shonin spent his simple and modest life of ninety years with no thought of making himself spectacularly prominent and impressive among the people.  But millions of Numbest followers are rejoicing over his way of life through the guidance of Amida Dharma.”

- Rev Keisho Motoyama, taken from his article on Shinran Shonin Day in Buddhist Special Observances & National Holidays

In a Nut Shell...

Date: 21 May

Translation:  Shuso Gotan-E: Sect-founder-birthday-gathering.

Description:  Celebrates the birthday of Jodoshinshu’s founder, Shinran Shonin

What does the temple do to celebrate?  Sanga members attend special services to remind themselves of Shinran Shonin’s life and teachings.

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