Buddhist Women's Association

Wahiawa Hongwanji Buddhist Women's Association (Fujinkai) propagates Jodo Shinshu Buddhism through active participation in religious and Honsha activities undertaken with a feeling of dana (selfless giving).

Established in 1912 with 40 members as the Daiichi Fujinkai under the direction of Rev. Tokusei Tazuura.  In 1946, Rev. Ryugen Matsuda persuaded 14 young women to organize the Daini Fujinkai.  In 2003, the Daiichi and Daini Fujinkai merged to form a single entity, the Wahiawa Hongwanji Fujinkai. 

Activities: Prepares refreshments and meals for temple projects, religious services, Hosha Kai, and social hall cleanup crew, conducts the annual Memorial Service for Deceased Members (Tsuito-E), cleans the temple and columbarium weekly, and aids the Kyodan in its operation by providing financial and manpower assistance, nursing and day care visitations.

Notable Projects: Articles of significance and substantial financial donations made to the temple, extended hospitality to AJA soldiers, Japanese and English educational seminars.

Contact Information: Dale Shimaura @ 808.622.4320

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